Other stuff, too.

While I can’t turn off the part of my brain that says, “Is this a good user experience? How can we make it better?” … I try to make time for other stuff, too.

Par exemple, photography, 3D printing (with string), running, and making a proper cuppa.

this is me


My photography has appeared in Gin Magazine, TheGinIsIn.com, Amazon & Etsy … and all over social media. For retail and magazine photography, I aim for a clear, simple telling story of the product or item to be featured.

3D Printing with String

Because, at the heart, that is essentially what knitting and crocheting really is. I favor bold, useful designs that are tailored to the user’s preference and needs.


I run primarily to eat things smothered in cheese, and telling horrifying, gruesome stories about injuries and Things A Body Does Under Extreme Stress.

this is me


I’ve shamelessly copied the below method for a proper cup of tea.

this is me

There is a very simple principle to the making of tea and it’s this…

Douglas Adams, circa May 1999